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Video: Global Fund Registration and Ongoing Governance of Funds

By Stephan Mayer

Do you want to distribute your funds in the European Union (EU), Asia or Latin America? ACOLIN can take care of the entire cross-border fund registration process of UCITS and AIFMs/AIFs in the EU as well as in selected international markets.

Josef El Semari, Head of Global Fund Registration at ACOLIN Europe AG, shares his views on Global Fund Registration at ACOLIN and highlights the benefits for its clients.

Global Fund Registration and Ongoing Governance of Funds from ACOLIN on Vimeo.

  • ACOLIN makes sure your fund is fully compliant with the relevant host regulations.
  • ACOLIN executes the relevant registrations and takes care of the subsequent ongoing fund governance.
  • In Germany and the UK, we additionally act as the legally mandatory local agent.
  • We even have experience in more unusual registrations such as AIF to retail investors.


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