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We connect our clients to opportunity. With many years of deep experience in fund distribution, we can deal with a fast-changing fund industry and regulatory frameworks and support our clients with services that meet their needs.

Board of directors

Michael Covell

Mike is an experienced Non-Executive Chairman and Director. He is currently Chairman of Ascot Lloyd, Chairman of Sackville Capital, Chairman of Le Masurier and Director of the Bank of Butterfield.

Michael Covell
Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Alex Hay

Alex is a Partner at Sovereign Capital Partners. He built up his deal experience at RJD Partners where he became a Partner in 2011. He was previously at Close Brothers Corporate Finance in M&A having qualified as an accountant with PwC.

Alex Hay
Non-Executive Director

Indre Edge is currently an Investment Manager at Sovereign Capital Partners, where she has worked for over four years. Prior to joining Sovereign Capital, she worked as an M&A sell-side adviser at both KPMG and R.W Baird. Indre started her career in PWC where she qualified as an accountant.

Indre Edge
Non-Executive Director
Daniel Häfele

Daniel Häfele is the founder of Acolin and Non-Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Daniel has spent his entire career in the banking and asset management sector and continues to be actively involved in the industry.

Daniel Häfele
Non-Executive Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Theo Splinter

Theo Splinter is the CEO of Acolin and a member of the Executive Committee. With a career spanning 24 years, Theo brings extensive experience of working in international financial services businesses, most recently as COO at Intertrust.

Theo Splinter
Chief Executive Officer

Alex Erickson is the CFO of Acolin and a member of the Executive Committee. Alex qualified as an accountant in 2008 and has spent the last 13 years working as CFO in private equity backed businesses across various industries.

Alex Erickson
Chief Finance Officer

Latest from the team

Marketing Funds into the EU: Exploring five strategic options

11th June 2024

When considering marketing funds into the European Union (EU), fund managers have several strategic options at their disposal. Each of these options comes with its own set of regulatory requirements, benefits, and potential drawbacks. In this article, we will explore five key strategies that fund managers can consider to successfully navigate the EU market.

Insider perspective on Commission Management 

23rd February 2024

Investment advisors play a vital role in guiding investors towards suitable investment funds and allocations. For this important function they often are paid a commission, also known as trailer fee or retrocession, by the asset manager. And since this remuneration forms a relevant part of the advisor’s revenue, it is key for the product provider to have commission calculation and related payments efficiently set up. 

Insider perspective on how fund data management impacts fund distribution

8th February 2024

More than 25 years ago, when I started in the financial services industry, it was enough to collect and disseminate around 50 data points for an investment fund to be added on a distribution platform or in a data vendor’s database.

Insider perspective on distributor due diligence 

2nd February 2024

I initially joined Acolin as a Due Diligence Officer and have been a Due Diligence Team Lead for a year and a half now.  In former roles as a lawyer, I worked and participated in several M&A transaction due diligence projects. But it is only since I joined Acolin that I came to fully understand […]

Insider perspective on fund distribution 

25th January 2024

I have been working in the asset management industry for more than 2 decades, having had the chance to cover various roles in different firms, from Portfolio Management to Consultant as well as Sales & Business Development. 

Navigating the European ETF Landscape with the Acolin Distribution Network Management (DNM) service

15th December 2023

In the ever-changing world of financial markets, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular among investors. As the fund flows numbers for 2023 roll in, we again see that investors are replacing holdings on traditional UCITS funds with investments in ETF’s. Acolin is at the center of fund distribution in Europe and our specialized Distribution Network Management (DNM) service has seen these changes first-hand. Here we explore the nuances of Acolin DNM service and how it seamlessly integrates ETFs into key distribution platforms.

Getting the essentials of fund distribution right 

27th October 2023

The world of finance is ever-evolving, innovation and technology are continuously shaping how we research, find and invest in funds. As Acolin, we look on us as one of the game-changers in the industry, with our dedication to simplifying and streamlining the complex world of fund distribution. We get our asset manager clients close to the action relevant for them and their products.  

Update to the UK Financial Services regulation – UK Consumer Duty

5th October 2023

In changing fund distribution landscape, new UK regulation for open products and services, has come into force on 31st July 2023: “The UK Consumer Duty”.

Navigating the Pull Market: Strategies for Standing Out and Succeeding

29th August 2023

In a market teeming with over a hundred thousand funds overseen by numerous asset managers, a crucial question emerges: how can you stand out? The concise answer: deliver results, cultivate recognition, and ensure accessibility.

Fusing Tradition and Innovation in Finance: Embarking on a Dynamic Journey

16th August 2023

Within the realm of finance, an arena driven by ceaseless innovation lies a potent formula for progress: the fusion of tradition and innovation.