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Meet your fund distribution goals

Plan and implement your fund distribution goals more effectively, get the support you need to grow, and the essential feedback to help you adapt and improve your approach.

Our four-stage cycle has evolved with the needs of our clients – to ensure you make the most of our distribution services, as and when it suits you.


The Acolin Fund Distribution Lifecycle

Our integrated four-stage approach helps clients plan ahead effectively and confidently launch and expand their cross-border footprint.
Discover Acolin services

- Engage & Discover

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Launch the services

- Swiss Representation
- Tied Agent Services
- Facilities Agency Services
- Global Fund Registration

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Grow with DNM services

- Distribution Network Management
- Investor Relations

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Distribution Oversight Analysis

- Distribution Oversight Analytics

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Benefit from over a decade of experience. Anticipate and mitigate challenges before they arise.

We help you understand local markets, trends and best practise
Our experienced team work side-by-side with you and help you break through new markets
We will provide you with valuable knowledge of your target audience, target market and the pricing landscape in your market.
Tap into our deep expertise in Swiss and European fund distribution
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We help you launch in new markets through a range of regulatory services

Swiss Representation

Swift and straightforward access to the Swiss market – undertaking all tasks related to the fund set-up and representation.

Facilities Agency Services

Support as your Facilities Agent and Point of Contact in the U.K, Germany and other EU territories.

Tied Agent Services

Efficient and simplified access to the entire European market, through our distribution license, avoiding a large administrative burden and the associated financial costs.

Global Fund Registration

Registration and ongoing fund governance of UCITS and AIFMD funds, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and regulations in the relevant jurisdictions – including the EU, Asia and Latin America.


As your distribution grows, we help you manage increasing administration burdens and capture the opportunities that arise.

Distribution Network Management

Gain efficient access to a constantly growing global distribution network comprising key fund platforms, banks and other distribution partners – without entry barriers and administrative costs

Investor Relations

Create a superior client experience for your investors on www.fundbase.com


Our distribution analytics tool helps you adapt and address increasing compliance obligations

Gain valuable insights into your distribution network and identify exciting opportunities.
Turn customer data into meaningful insights
Drive commercial growth and improve regulatory controls
Generate insights that help you make better decisions
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