Customer Complaints Procedure |

Customer Complaints Procedure

All complaints that reach Acolin are treated with reasonable diligence and
seriousness. Our internal policies are designed in such a way, to ensure that every
complaint is dealt with in a fair, transparent, and proactive manner in order to
guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Acolin has established fixed lines of communication by which complaints are
forwarded and the relevant parties are involved. Furthermore, we have also
implemented measures to establish a direct line of communication between us
cooperation partners and investors.

Our compliance department is directly involved in the handling of every complaint.
Not only is it involved in the decision-making-process, but also assures the
fulfilment of detailed documentation duties. Internal controls have been devised
in order to ensure the effectiveness and transparency of our internal complaints
handling policies and its underlying processes.

We kindly ask you to share any complaints directly with your Acolin contact person
or contact our compliance department at or by mail.

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