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Facilities Agency Services

Acolin understands the evolving regulatory landscape helping you to remain nimble and prepared

Germany: Facilities Agency Services EU

We ensure you comply with regulatory changes relating to the provision of facilities to retail investors.
Our in-house language capabilities allow us to provide Facilities in German.
As Point of Contact, we provide all necessary fund documents and information for your investors.
We liaise with BaFin, the German regulator on your behalf.

UK: Facilities Agency Services

We make sure you comply with the rules of the Financial Services Authority (FCA) in the UK.
We act as the mandatory point of contact in the UK.
We provide all necessary fund documents and information for your investors.

Facilities Agent

    Point of contact for investors in accordance with Art. 92 of the UCITSD (2009/65/EC).

      Kontaktstelle für Anleger gemäss Art. 92 der OGAW-Richtlinie (2009/65/EG).

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