Getting the essentials of fund distribution right 
27th October 2023

The world of finance is ever-evolving, innovation and technology are continuously shaping how we research, find and invest in funds. As Acolin, we look on ourselves as one of the game-changers in the industry, with our dedication to simplifying and streamlining the complex world of fund distribution. We get our asset manager clients close to the action relevant for them and their products.  

Fund Distribution: An Overview 

Before we delve into Acolin’s role, let’s first understand what fund distribution entails. Fund distribution refers to the process of making investment funds accessible to a broad range of investors. This is notably important, as funds are typically not sold, but bought, or if sold then not by the asset manager but rather the wealth manager who works with the investor. Fund distribution, hence, involves a complex network of actors, including fund platforms, wealth managers and distribution partners like banks and brokerages. The core is to provide a seamless experience for investors to access and invest in various funds. 

Acolin: A Game-Changer in Fund Distribution 

Acolin has emerged as a transformative force in fund distribution. We support asset managers at the forefront of overcoming challenges through innovative solutions and technology-driven services: 

  1. Regulatory Expertise: Acolin specializes in navigating the regulatory intricacies of different jurisdictions. We act as Legal Representative in Switzerland and offer Global Fund Registration services, managing the entire cross-border process. 
  1. Digital Solutions: Acolin leverages technology to streamline fund distribution processes. Our clients benefit from online solutions and tools that get them closer to the relevant distribution partners, fully informed. 
  1. Global Reach: Acolin’s extensive network of distribution partners, including wealth managers, banks, insurance companies, and fund platforms, spans multiple countries. This wide-reaching network is unique and helps asset managers connect with a global investor base. 
  1. Complete Service: Acolin’s Distribution Network Management covers the complete essentials including distribution agreements, holding reconciliation with commission calculation and handling, data dissemination and services, as well as distributor compliance oversight. 

Acolin is at the forefront of simplifying and enhancing the fund distribution experience for both asset managers and investors. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, our role in fund distribution is more critical than ever, promising a more efficient, accessible, and globally connected investment environment. Talk to us about your needs, we connect you to opportunity.