Navigating the Pull Market: Strategies for Standing Out and Succeeding
29th August 2023

Rest assured, the title is intentional – this brief article isn’t about bull or bear markets. Instead, it delves into the positioning of asset managers within the context of a pull market. Unlike a push market, where aggressive marketing, promotions, and sales tactics create demand, the fund industry is guided by investors and their advisors. They meticulously choose which funds to invest in, considering factors like investment objectives, risk tolerance, and market projections. Performance history, fund strategies, and fees are all part of their informed decision-making process.

In a market teeming with over a hundred thousand funds overseen by numerous asset managers, a crucial question emerges: how can you stand out? The concise answer: deliver results, cultivate recognition, and ensure accessibility.

Achieving strong performance is undoubtedly the most challenging and pivotal aspect. A provider who accomplishes this feat is undoubtedly better positioned for visibility. Equally vital is the marketing strategy, which has the power to sway investor behavior, enhancing awareness of funds and fostering trust in the brand and company. The message at the heart of it all is clear: entrust us with your wealth – we’ll safeguard it while consistently making sound investment decisions for the future.

Now, performance – check. Recognition – check. But are your funds accessible through the right channels? What are these channels, how do they operate, and what’s required in terms of effort and investment? What opportunities lie within these different channels, and what’s the cost of not being present on some of them?

Standing out through performance and recognition is commendable, yet neglecting to appear on the appropriate channels can sour the celebration. Conversely, being accessible across all channels solely for the sake of coverage can be detrimental to your business, as the costs mount rapidly. Thus, mastering this aspect is of paramount importance.

At Acolin, we collaborate with global, regional, and local platforms and distributors spanning more than 30 countries. We connect our asset manager clients with opportunities by providing them with the precise solutions they need. In doing so, they not only stand out but also fulfill that critical requirement of being accessible through the right channels. In the intricate landscape of a pull market, it’s the synergy of performance, recognition, and accessibility that truly sets the stage for success. Reach out to us for more information.