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Panel discussion on "How delegation responsibilities are evolving" with Pino-Sun Becker

By Stephan Mayer

Pino-Sun Becker, Group Head Compliance & Risk at ACOLIN, spoke at the Distribution Risk & Oversight conference on January 20.

  • Mapping what responsibilities are currently being delegated
  • Is appointment of third party distributors a delegation?
  • Maintaining effective oversight of delegated functions
  • Specificities of more complex set ups
  • Global distribution, sub-distribution and private placement
  • Interaction with AML/CFT, the ManCo and central administrator
  • How the shifting responsibilities of ManCos has been affecting distribution oversight
  • The changing expectations from and challenges for a ManCo to meet recent regulatory developments
  • The expected responsibilities of funds vs delegated activities

Watch this video for a summary of the discussion.


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