Getting compliance teams on the front foot is critical
9th May 2023

In a recent article published in Luxembourg-based Duke Magazine, Acolin Luxembourg Managing Director Jean Louis Catrysse gives his view on pressures facing Compliance teams and what the future holds for Luxembourg.

  1. Can you present your company in a few words? 

    Founded in 2006, Acolin helps asset managers increase their reach in cross-border fund distribution through operational, regulatory, compliance and network services. With a range of services across the fund distribution lifecycle, Acolin connects asset managers to new capital raising opportunity.

    From fund registration services, to compliance oversight solutions and access to our distribution network, we work to overcome regulatory and operational challenges so our clients are free to focus on their business.

    Acolin operates out of offices in Luxembourg, Dublin, London, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Constance, Bratislava, and Belgrade.

  2. What are the new challenges and opportunities that you identify?

    Regulation and increased digitalization produce vast amounts of data that require management. This aspect of the fund industry is underserved and underdeveloped, mostly due to its complexity.  Quality and efficiency in data management, dissemination, and documentation are areas the regulator is focusing on and which are critical to the expansion efforts of investment managers.

    Companies must become more data-driven in their decision-making to understand success and opportunity and we are seeing more investment managers invest in data management capabilities that will enable them to create enhanced distribution dashboards. These will guide decision-making as to where distribution budget is best spent in market segments of strategy / investor type and jurisdiction which is important. 

  3. How do you see the future of Luxembourg?

    Luxembourg is, and will be, the benchmark and leader in the fund industry in Europe and increase its attractiveness globally by setting regulatory and services standards. The challenge will be to retain innovation in Luxembourg and in the fund industry more broadly, as regulatory obligations are only increasing.