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Comprehensive and compliant access to a broad, global fund distribution network

  • Management of contracts, data, documents, commissions for fund distribution

  • Regulatory coverage and compliance within all jurisdictions

Reaching target markets faster

Efficient access to a comprehensive global distribution network of leading fund platforms, banks or other networks in leading financial centers.

Do you want to market your funds within or outside the European Union in compliance with the applicable regulations? With ACOLIN, you gain efficient access to a constantly growing global distribution network comprising key fund platforms, banks and other distribution partners – without entry barriers and administrative costs. ACOLIN handles all of the contractual requirements for you, ensures the compliant delivery of the right data and documents, and takes care of the calculation and prompt payment of any commission or platform distribution fees. Additionally, ACOLIN ensures that all partners of the distribution network are checked with regard to the relevant regulatory requirements, thereby reducing the need for expensive due diligence checks.

«International and local rules are growing ever more complex. With the tailored services provided by ACOLIN, our clients can dispense with the need for expensive due diligence checks and other legal clarifications.»

Jérôme Neri, Head Geneva Branch

Global distribution

ACOLIN’s global distribution network enables access to hundreds of banks and other distributors at several thousand points of sale.

  • Integration of funds into ACOLIN’s global and continuously expanding Distribution Network with fund platforms, banks and other distribution channels
  • Fast access to selected channels within an individualized distribution model
  • ACOLIN ensures all contractual obligations are met and enters into any previously signed distribution agreement, if required
  • ACOLIN allows asset managers to submit data to one counterparty and guarantees compliant data dissemination and publication
  • Initial and ongoing due diligence on every distributor and ongoing verification of regulatory MiFID II compliance, licenses of distributors and state of the art compliance oversight reporting
  • Efficient and timely payment of commissions

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